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Caloplaca limonia – new Irish species

Caloplaca limonia

Photo: Caloplaca limonia is a newly described species from the Caloplaca citrina group and recently accepted by the BLS as a British species. (Paul Whelan) has now recorded it in Ireland. Distinguished from Caloplaca citrina by its pale milky colour (due to the large blastidia) and the wide apothecial rim (also covered in blastidia) and bright orange discs – (Description summarised from Powell & Vondrák (2012) and BLS Bulletin 110: 64 (2012)). …read more

Lichen Watch

History of Irish Lichenology


Frenchman H. A. Weddell was the first to recognize lichen seashore zonation in 1875 when he defined three zones. Matilda Knowles (National Museum of Ireland) further defined this zonation in 1913 by defining zone colours and later associated lichen species with the zones. In 1929 she wrote ‘Lichens of Ireland – a History of Irish Lichenology’. This difficult to find paper of over 125 pages is available here for download: part 1 and part 2. (each part is …read more