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Lichen: Cladonia fimbriata

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Cladonia fimbriata

Name: Cladonia fimbriata (L.) Fr.Cladonia fimbriata

Pronunciation: Cladonia fimbriata

Conservation Evaluation: Least Concern

Description: Cladonia fimbriata has relatively tall trumpet-shaped podium-like structures or podetia. The podetia rise like small tubes and abruptly open out trumpet-like, which is a distinguishing feature. The reproductive structure or apothecium resides at the top of the podetia. The podetia range from 1 cm to 2 cm in height and are usually coated in a fine dust of soredia. Sometimes the soredia form larger granules, but this is rare. The rims of the podetia are even, unless they are actively reproducing, in which case the apothecia make the rim lumpy or irregular.Cladonia fimbriate

The thallus is a grey-green to green colour. Scales or squamules with a small indent (giving them a lobed appearance) cover the thallus, but not the podetia. The squamules may be sorediate or dusty. Spores are colourless, 1-celled and are packed 8 to an ascus. The photobiont is Trebouxia.

Chemical Tests: K-, P+ rust red, UV-.

Nature Notes: Cladonia fimbriata is shade-loving and typically found on acid soil and rotting wood. It is a species typical of raised bogs in Ireland where it is shaded by the heather species of Erica and Calluna. It is found both in coastal areas and inland. It is rare on old walls, trees and rocks.

Vice County distribution map of Cladonia fimbriata: See Map


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