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Lichen: Cladonia gracilis

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Cladonia gracilis.

Cladonia gracilis.

Name: Cladonia gracilis (L) Willd.

Pronunciation: Cladonia gracilis

Conservation Evaltuation: Least Concern

Body Type: Cladonia – squamulose

Description: The podetia range in size from 2 cm to 7 cm tall and have a diameter of 1.5 mm. Individually they are green through grey to brown in colour. The bottom of the stalks are often black; the tips may be branched by the formation of new cups. A podetium may contain up to three cups with 10 to 25 ‘teeth’. Squamules are commonly present on the podetia, becoming large as the base is approached. The basal squamules (green above and white below) are small, falling in the range of 2 mm to 5 mm; rarely they will reach 10 mm in length. They are crenate. Apothecia and podetia are common. Apothecia reach a width of 7 mm while the pycnidia are 0.2 mm in diameter.

Chemical Tests: K + red-brown.

Cladonia gracilis showing the podetia tips.

Cladonia gracilis showing the podetia tips. Photographed in Co. Waterford.

Nature Notes: Found on acid soils that are sandy (well drained), decaying wood and sand dunes.

Vice County Distribution: See gracilis

Link: Map this species on the Lichen Survey

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Text and images © Paul Whelan, 2008.