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Lichen: Caloplaca decipiens

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Name: Caloplaca decipiens (Arnold) Blomb. & Forssell (1880)

Pronunciation: Caloplaca decipiens

Caloplaca decipiens showing the dense white pruinose area.

Caloplaca decipiens showing the dense white pruinose area.

Conservation Evaluation: Least Concern
Body Type: Crustose, placodioid.

VC Map Caloplaca decipiens

VC Map Caloplaca decipiens

Description: Thallus forms small circular rings up to 3 cm in diameter, generally yellow to orange although green to light yellow in the shade. The central region is darker in colour, often brown, areolate and with many characteristic lip-shaped soralia. It breaks up with age, leaving the substrate below visible. Overall the thallus is usually heavily pruinose (white). The outer edge of the thallus is marked by fine crenulate convex lobes. Apothecia are rare but when present rarely grow more than 1 mm in diameter. The discs are concave and orange; the rim is the same colour as the thallus.
Chemical Tests: K+ purple
Nature Notes: Found in nutrient rich urban areas on mortar and only on limestone near bird perches.

Vice County distribution map: See Map

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Other species recorded in Ireland

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