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Lichen: Caloplaca marina

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Caloplaca marina showing the areolate thallus and apothecia in various stages of maturity.

Caloplaca marina showing the lumpy thallus.

Name: Caloplaca marina (Wedd.) Zahlbr. ex Du Rietz

Pronunciation: Caloplaca marina

Conservation Evaluation: Least Concern

Body Type: Crustose

General Description: The thallus is orange or orange-red in colour. It may be continuous or fragmented. When fragmented the thallus looks lumpy under a hand lens; when continuous it is areolate and the margins may be ill-defined with almost no lobes; it is never powdery or pruinose. A light coloured prothallus may be visible in well developed specimens.Caloplaca marine showing the apothecia in close up; note the mature apothecia with the narrow rims and the large convex disc.

Apothecia are small and either scattered through the thallus or grouped in small clusters; diameters rarely greater than 0.8 mm. The orange disc (a deeper colour than the thallus) surface is concave initially but matures to convex; the apothecium rim also narrows giving the effect that the convex disc is spilling over it. Paraphyses widen towards the tip to about 5 µm. Spores septate with the septum dividing the spore into sections of 1/3 and 2/3. Ascospores 10 µm by 8 µm or smaller.

Caloplaca marina tests positive crimson-red for K.

Chemical Test: K +, violet-red for apothecia and thallus.

Nature Notes: Found on coastal rocks from calcareous to high silica-rich types (HS). It is characteristically found in the mesic supralittoral zone or above Verrucaria maura (tar lichens). Caloplaca marina can be distinguished from the superficially similar Caloplaca thallincola by its lack of well defined thalline lobes.Caloplaca marina showing the light coloured prothallus and lack of lobes (compaired to C. thallincola). The black area surrounding the specimen is the lichen Verrucaria maura.


Vice County distribution map of Caloplaca marina: See Map

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