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Lichen: Caloplaca verruculifera

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Caloplaca verruculifera

Caloplaca verruculifera

Caloplaca verruculifera

Name: Caloplaca verruculifera (Vain.) Zahlbr.(1931)


Conservation Evaluation: Least Concern

Body Type: Crustose

Description: The thallus is a watery lemon yellow through yellow to almost orange in some cases. It has distinctive convex radiating lobes (placodioid); the lobes are long (6 to 8mm) and widen slightly towards the tips. Sometimes the lobes are branched. The thalline central region is areolate and granulose and covered in an abundance of isidia. Apothecia are rare; the disc is flat and orange with a relatively thick rim.

Chemical Tests: K+ purple for all parts.

Nature Notes: It’s a coastal lichen found on both silica-rich and calcareous rocks, especially in nutrient rich areas such as near bird perches. Rarely found on wood. Sometimes parasitized by Diplotomma vezdanum.

Photographed: Co. Galway

Similar species: Caloplaca granulosa and perhaps Caloplaca thallincola.

Vice county distribution map: See map.

Link: Map this species on the Lichen Survey

Other species recorded in Ireland:

  • Caloplaca alociza (A.Massal.) Mig.
  • Caloplaca arenaria (Pers.) Müll.Arg.
  • Caloplaca atroflava (Turner) Mong.
  • Caloplaca aurantia (Pers.) Hellb.
  • Caloplaca britannica R.Sant.
  • Caloplaca ceracea J.R.Laundon [3]
  • Caloplaca cerina (Ehrh. ex Hedw.) Th.Fr.
  • Caloplaca cerinella (Nyl.) Flagey
  • Caloplaca chalybaea (Fr.) Müll.Arg.
  • Caloplaca chlorina (Flot.) H.Olivier
  • Caloplaca chrysodeta (Vain. ex Räsänen) Dombr.
  • Caloplaca cirrochroa (Ach.) Th.Fr.
  • Caloplaca citrina (Hoffm.) Th.Fr.
  • Caloplaca citrina s.l. (Hoffm.) Th.Fr.
  • Caloplaca concilians (Nyl.) H.Olivier
  • Caloplaca crenularia (With.) J.R.Laundon
  • Caloplaca crenulatella (Nyl.) H.Olivier
  • Caloplaca dalmatica (A.Massal.) H.Olivier
  • Caloplaca decipiens (Arnold) Blomb. & Forssell
  • Caloplaca ferruginea (Huds.) Th.Fr. [4]
  • Caloplaca flavescens (Huds.) J.R.Laundon
  • Caloplaca flavocitrina (Nyl.) H.Olivier [5]
  • Caloplaca flavorubescens (Huds.) J.R.Laundon
  • Caloplaca flavovirescens (Wulfen) Dalla Torre & Sarnth.
  • Caloplaca holocarpa (Hoffm.) A.E.Wade
  • Caloplaca lactea (A.Massal.) Zahlbr.
  • Caloplaca littorea Tav.
  • Caloplaca luteoalba (Turner) Th.Fr.
  • Caloplaca marina (Wedd.) Zahlbr. ex Du Rietz
  • Caloplaca maritima de Lesd.
  • Caloplaca microthallina (Wedd.) Zahlbr.
  • Caloplaca obliterans (Nyl.) Blomb. & Forssell
  • Caloplaca obscurella (Lahm ex Körb.) Th.Fr.
  • Caloplaca ochracea (Schaer.) Flagey
  • Caloplaca polycarpa (A.Massal.) Zahlbr.
  • Caloplaca saxicola (Hoffm.) Nordin [7]
  • Caloplaca teicholyta (Ach.) J.Steiner
  • Caloplaca thallincola (Wedd.) Du Rietz
  • Caloplaca ulcerosa Coppins & P James
  • Caloplaca variabilis (Pers.) Müll.Arg.

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