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Lichen: Lecanora campestris

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Lecanora campestris (white rings)  on a mortar plastered post.

Lecanora campestris (white rings) on a mortar plastered post.

Lecanora campestris showing the 'bald' centre of the thallus and the apothecia outside that area.

Lecanora campestris. Photographed in Sandycove, Co. Cork.

Name: Lecanora campestris (Schaer.) Hue

Pronunciation: Lecanora campestris

Conservation Evaluation: Least Concern Body Type: Crustose

Description: The apothecial discs are a beautiful reddish-brown colour with a glossy texture. Disc size typically falls in the range 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm in diameter reaching a maximum of 2 mm. The discs are flat or a little convex, abundant and generally populate the area between the prothallus and the centre of the thallus. The thallus itself is white to light grey in colour and rather lumpy, sometimes with large protuberances. The prothallus is well defined  and typically snow white or with a hint of pink. The asci are large, 50 µm by 15 µm and the ascospores are broadly ellipsoid. The thallus reacts chemically as follows: Pd negative or faint yellow, K positive (yellow), C negative, UV negative.

Lecanora campestris showing the beautiful reddish-brown apothecia.

Lecanora campestris showing the beautiful reddish-brown apothecia.

Chemical Tests: K+ yellow, Pd-, C-, UV-.

Nature Notes: Found on mortar, cement and both calcareous and silica rich rocks.

Vice County distribution map of Lecanora campestris: See Map


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