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Lichen: Lecanora crenulata

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Lecanora crenulata showing how the apothecia form loosly arrange groups.

Lecanora crenulata showing how the apothecia form loosely arrange groups.

Name: Lecanora crenulata (Dicks.) Hook. (1844)

Lecanora crenulata: note the way the rims of the apothecia are divided into sections.

Lecanora crenulata: note the way the rims of the apothecia are divided into sections.

Pronunciation: Lecanora crenulata

Conservation Evaluation: Least Concern Body Type: Crustosemap-lecanora-crenulata

Description: The thallus is thin and difficult to see as it is frequently immersed in the substrate. When visible it is pale grey and granular and sometimes areolate. The apothecia are small with white rims which have deep indentations dividing them into 5 to 8 segments. Apothecia appear in small groups, but never tightly packed together. The discs are blue-grey pruinose. Spores are ellipsoidal and no lichen substances have been detected. Apothecia range in size from 0.4 mm to 0.7 mm.

Chemical Tests: All reactions negative.

Nature Notes: This is a difficult species to identify and can be confused with Lecanora dispersa; the apothecia of L. dispersa are never pruinose. Found on hard calcareous rocks, often on old walls, it may turn up on mortar and tree bark.

Vice County distribution map of Leacanora crenulata: See Map

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