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Lichen: Pyrenula macrospora

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Name: Pyrenula macrospora (Degel.) Coppins & P.James (1980)

Pyrenula macrospora

Pyrenula macrospora

Pronunciation: Pyrenula macrospora

Conservation Evaluation: Least Concern
Body Type: Crustose

Vice County map of Pyrenula macrospora

Vice County map of Pyrenula macrospora

Description: Lacks apothecia; the main reproductive structures are the characteristic pseudocyphallae and perithecia. The pseudocyphallae are often found at the boundary edge between it and another species. Black volcano-like perithecia (less than 1.2 mm in diameter at base) have a centred ostiole at the tip. Pycnidia are also present. The thallus is a shiny or varnished creamy yellow to green-brown.
Chemical Tests: C-. K+ yellow. Pd+ slight hint of yellow. UV+/- yellow to orange.
Nature Notes: Found on smooth bark in shaded areas. Its habitat will help distinguish it from Acrocordia gemmata.

Vice County distribution map: See map.

Link: Map this species on: Lichen Survey

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