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Lichen: Verrucaria polysticta

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Verrucaria polysticta with a little Caloplaca flavescens nearby.

Verrucaria polysticta with a little Caloplaca flavescens nearby.

Name: Verrucaria polysticta, Borrer (1834) 1820map-verrucaria-fuscella

Pronunciation: Verrucaria polysticta

Popular Name: None Body Type: Crustose

Conservation Evaluation: Nationally Rare, Data Deficient

General Description: The silver-grey thallus is well defined and may be as much as 1 mm thick. The mature central region is composed of lead-grey ‘islands’ separated by black regions. The prothallus is black, narrow and continuous. Perithecia are numerous and immersed.

Chemical Tests: No tests.

Nature Notes: Typically found on calcareous rock, it is consequently common throughout Ireland. It is found in abundance in the Burren where Ireland’s Carboniferous limestone base is extensively exposed.

Vice County distribution map of Acarospora fuscata: See Map

Link: Map this species on the Lichen Survey

Other species recorded in Ireland

  • Verrucaria aethiobola Wahlenb.
  • Verrucaria amphibia Clemente
  • Verrucaria aquatilis Mudd
  • Verrucaria aranensis P.M.McCarthy
  • Verrucaria baldensis A.Massal.
  • Verrucaria bryoctona (Th.Fr.) Orange
  • Verrucaria caerulea DC.
  • Verrucaria calciseda DC.
  • Verrucaria cyanea A.Massal.
  • Verrucaria ditmarsica Erichsen
  • Verrucaria dolosa Hepp
  • Verrucaria dufourii DC.
  • Verrucaria elaeomelaena (A.Massal.) Arnold
  • Verrucaria funckii (Spreng.) Zahlbr.
  • Verrucaria fuscella (Turner) Winch
  • Verrucaria fusconigrescens Nyl.
  • Verrucaria halizoa Leight.
  • Verrucaria hochstetteri Fr.
  • Verrucaria hydrela Ach.
  • Verrucaria internigrescens (Nyl.) Erichsen
  • Verrucaria knowlesiae P.M.McCarthy
  • Verrucaria latebrosa Körb.
  • Verrucaria latericola Erichsen
  • Verrucaria macrostoma Dufour ex DC.
  • Verrucaria macrostoma forma furfuracea de Lesd.
  • Verrucaria margacea (Wahlenb.) Wahlenb.
  • Verrucaria maura Wahlenb.
  • Verrucaria mucosa Wahlenb.
  • Verrucaria muralis Ach.
  • Verrucaria murina Leight.
  • Verrucaria nigrescens Pers.
  • Verrucaria parmigerella Zahlbr.
  • Verrucaria pinguicula A.Massal.
  • Verrucaria praetermissa (Trevis.) Anzi
  • Verrucaria prominula Nyl.
  • Verrucaria rheitrophila Zschacke
  • Verrucaria sandstedei de Lesd.
  • Verrucaria striatula Wahlenb.
  • Verrucaria viridula (Schrad.) Ach.
  • Verrucaria viridula f. viridula

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