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Lichen: Candelaria concolor

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Candelaria concolor

Candelaria concolor

Name: Candelaria concolor (Dick.) Stein (1879)

Body Type: foliose – minute

Description: The yolk-yellow thallus consists of minute incised lobes and forms small separate ‘bushy’ patches. It is tightly attached to the substrate. The lobes are small (<1mm in length) and often sorediate and project upward giving a coral-like appearance. Soralia may cover the whole thallus, but this is not common. Apothecia and pycnidia are rare. Apothecia have dirty yellow to orange discs less than 1mm in diameter. The rim is rough and the same colour as the thallus (lecanorine). The underside of the thallus is matt white with simple scattered rhizines. Spores 6-15 x 4-6µm.

Spot Tests: K- . C-. KC-. Pd-. UV-.

Nature Notes: Found on basic bark on deciduous trees in open areas such as parks and hedgerows. Favours nutrient rich bark. May occur on fences and other sawn wood structures. Can also occur on rocks. Sensitive to SO2. Becoming widespread again, possible due to a drop in SO2 levels countrywide.

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Confusion: With Xanthoria ulophyllodes.

Vice county distribution map: See map.

Link: Map this species on Lichen Survey

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No other species has been recorded in Ireland.