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Lichen: Leptogium lichenoides

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Leptogium lichenoides

Leptogium lichenoides

Leptogium lichenoides

Name: Leptogium lichenoides (L.) Zahlbr.(1924)

Pronunciation: Leptogium lichenoides

Conservation Evaluation: Least Concern

Leptiogium lichenoides

Leptogium lichenoides

Vice County Web Map Leptogium lichenoides

Vice County Web Map Leptogium lichenoides

Body Type: Crustose / Foliose

Description: The dark brown to grey lobed thallus has a distinctive ragged appearance due to the margins of the lobes having many tiny finger-like isidia. These are its characteristic feature. Apothecia are rare, but if present they also have these isidia growing from the rim giving an eyelash appearance. Apothecia rarely grow above 1mm diameter. The thallus itself has a shiny and wrinkled upper surface and a ridged lower surface.

Chemical Tests: No chemical tests

Nature Notes: Found mainly on ash trees, particularly on the lower part of the trunk if it is mossy. Also found on mossy non-limestone rocks and mossy soils. Tends to occur in old woodlands and mature or old parklands.

Vice county distribution map: See map

Other species recorded in Ireland:

  • Leptogium biatorinum (Nyl.) Leight.
  • Leptogium brebissonii Mont.
  • Leptogium britannicum P.M.Jørg.& P.James
  • Leptogium burgessii (L.) Mont.
  • Leptogium cochleatum (Dicks.) P.M.Jørg.& P.James
  • Leptogium cyanescens (Rabenh.) Körb.
  • Leptogium diffractum Kremp.ex Körb.
  • Leptogium gelatinosum (With.) J.R.Laundon
  • Leptogium hibernicum Mitchell ex P.M.Jørg.
  • Leptogium juressianum Tav.
  • Leptogium lichenoides (L.) Zahlbr.
  • Leptogium massiliense Nyl.
  • Leptogium palmatum (Huds.) Mont.
  • Leptogium plicatile (Ach.) Leight.
  • Leptogium schraderi (Ach.) Nyl.
  • Leptogium subtile (Schrad.) Torss.
  • Leptogium tenuissimum (Dicks.) Körb.
  • Leptogium teretiusculum (Wallr. )Arnold
  • Leptogium turgidum (Ach.) Cromb.

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