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Lichen: Normandina pulchella

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Normandina pulchella growing through mosses.

Name: Normandina pulchella (Borrer) Nyl.

Pronunciation: Normindina pulchella

Common Name: Elf Ear Lichen

Body Type: Crustose Conservation Evaluation: Least Concern

Normandina pulchella squamules with the upturned edge and the concentric ridges.

Description: The squamules that make up the thallus are like tiny plates turned up at the edge to form a rim; the edge is paler than the rest of the structure. Each squamule is just 1 mm to 2.5 mm wide and grey-green in colour. The internal flat part of the squamules often show concentric ridges or rings. Soredia may be sprinkled across squamules (including up on to the turned up edge) giving it a pruinose texture. The underside of the squamules is pale in colour. The photobiont is the green unicellular algae

Chemical Tests: All chemical reactions are negative.

Nature Notes: This is the only species found in Ireland and only four species are known to exist worldwide. Common growing among mosses in areas with a moderate amount of light and sometimes found on lichens containing cyanobacteria in damp woodlands. This species is sometimes infected by the lichenicolous fungi Lauderlindsaya borreri forming small black perithecia on the squamules.

Vice County distribution map of Acarospora fuscata: See Map

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