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Lichen: Pannaria conoplea

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Pannaria conoplea

Pannaria conoplea

Vice County Web Map Pannaria-conoplea

Vice County Web Map Pannaria-conoplea

Name: Pannaria conoplea (Ach.) Bory (1828)

Pronunciation: not available

Conservation Evaluation: Least Concern, International Responsibility

Body Type: Foliose

Description: The grey thallus forms rosettes of lobes that peer through moss. The rosettes may form neat regular patterns or appear as irregular clusters. The grey lobes are deeply incised and may be overlapping, slightly concave and turned up at the edges. The colour becomes paler towards the margins of the lobes. The lobes may take on a brown tint. Granular isidia populate the lobe margins and sometimes spread over the surface producing a granular effect. The underside of the thallus consists of a carpet of dark fine hairs (tomentose). Apothecia are very rare and range in size from 0.5mm to 1.5mm with chestnut red discs. The disc rim may also be isidiate.

Chemical Tests: Pd+ orange red

Nature Notes: This is an important epiphyte in Ireland’s Oceanic woodlands. It prefers basic bark, especially in well sheltered and humid moss covered areas consequently it is usually found on hazel and willow in the west of Ireland. It is locally abundant and sometimes may also be found on moss covered rocks. In exposed areas it takes on a brown colour.

Vice county distribution map: See map

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