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Lichen: Parmeliella parvula

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Parmellia parvula

Parmeliella parvula

Vice County Web Map Parmeliella-parvula

Vice County Web Map Parmeliella parvula

Name: Parmeliella parvula P.M.Jørg (1862)

Pronunciation: Parmeliella parvula

Conservation Evaluation: Least Concern, International Responsibility.

Body Type: Foliose – squamulose

Description: The thallus consists of elongated squamules 1–2 mm long; they are indented giving them a frill-like appearance. They have a flat to slightly convex shape and their colour varies from watery blue-green to green-grey to red-brown. Squamules have large granular isidia along their margins that often spread over the upper surface giving the thallus a sugar-like appearance. The small apothecia (<0.5mm) have a red-brown to almost black disc that ranges from flat to convex. The ascospores are colourless.

Chemical Tests: Medulla C+ red

Nature Notes: Prefers moist sheltered mossy woodlands with broad leaved trees, often near streams. Sometimes occurs on coniferous trees but rarely on rocks or timber. When found in exposed sites the squamules have a brown-red tint.

Similar species: Fuscopannaria mediterranea.

Vice county distribution map: See map

Link: Map this species on the Lichen Survey

Other species recorded in Ireland:

Parmeliella testacea P.M.Jørg.

Parmeliella triptophylla (Ach.) Müll.Arg.

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