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Lichen: Physcia tribacioides

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Physcia tribacioides

Physcia tribacioides

Vice County Map: Physcia-tribacioide

Vice County Map: Physcia-tribacioide

Name: Physcia tribacioides Nyl.(1874)
Pronunciation: Physcia tribacioides
Conservation Evaluation: Nationally Scarce, Vulnerable
Body Type: Foliose
Description: The thallus is coral-like with short stout lobes. Colour varies from creamy white to light or watery green. It rarely develops in a radiating pattern but tends to grow elongated. Soralia are large (< 1.2mm) abundant and prominent taking on a laminal position; they are concave, some reaching the proportions of a hemisphere. Apothecia are generally less than 1.6mm in diameter and are considered rare. Discs are reddish brown and the rim or margin is the same colour as the thallus. There are no pycnidia. The underside is cream-white to pale brown with simple brown rhizines.
Chemical Tests: K+ yellow for both the cortex and medulla.
Nature Notes: This is a rare or under recorded lichen. Found on nutrient rich bark of sycamore, ash, oak and elm in well lit open parkland. Also grows near bird perches and on walls near the sea. Irish records are mainly from counties Cork and Waterford. It is possibly a good climate change indicator species.
Vice County distribution: See Map
Link: Map this species on Lichen Survey
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