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Lichen: Ramalina fraxinea

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Ramalina fraxinea


Name: Ramalina fraxinea (L.) Ach.

Pronunciation: Ramalina fraxinea

Conservation Evaluation: Least Concern. Body Type: Fruticose

General Description: The branches have a very distinctive shape, being widest toward the middle (as much as 4.5 cm in some specimens) and tapering at both the point of attachment and toward the tip (to about 1 cm). The thallus is green-grey in colour, pendent and may be as long as 10 cm. It has the overall appearance of being coarsely tufted, individual branches showing a channelled, wrinkled appearance. The branches may have a twist or turn to them. The apothecia are cup-like and convex and are found both along the edges of the branches and on the surface or lamina. The spores are kidney-shaped. It does not contain as many apothecia as Ramalina fastigiata.

Chemical Tests: All reactions negative.

Nature Notes: This species is very sensitive to air pollution (SO2). It likes windy, exposed and well lit sites. Found mainly on trees.

Vice County distribution map of Ramalina fraxinea: See Map

Link: Map this species on the Lichen Survey

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Text and images © Paul Whelan, 2009.