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Metal-tipped Spot Test Dispensing Bottles

We apologize, but this item is out of stock.

Precision is the focus here.

These 5ml-dispensing bottles allow you greater control in applying spot test chemicals such as Pd, C or K to the lichen thallus. No more uncontrollable giant drops swamping out your lichen! You can smile quietly to yourself as you see colleague lichenologists struggle with tissue paper as they drown that rare and special lichen and waste their specially prepared Pd or K. Whip out your metal-tipped 5ml-dispensing bottle and show them how it is done.

A drop, not a trickle is all that’s needed!

Also, dispensing bottles are perfect for applying oil to a slide if you use oil-immersion technique when examining lichen sections or spores. Difficult to source – stock very limited.